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Vocal & Musical

This class is the perfect way to explore the fundamentals of musical theatre in a dynamic and fun atmosphere. We like to keep things light and fun, after all musicals aren't meant to be miserable, so we encourage you to enjoy yourself and have a go.

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Class schedule - Vocal and Musical & Dance (Amsterdam)


16:15 - 17:00vocal (pop-music)beginners/intermediate 7/11
Shirley Spoor
17:00- 18:00Musical & Dancebeginners/intermediate 7-11Shirley Spoor
18:00-19:00vocal classesbeginners/intermediate 12-17 
Shirley Spoor

Class schedule - Vocal and Musical & Dance (Almere)

16:30 - 17:30Musical & Dancebeginners/intermediate 7- 17 jaarShirley Spoor

17:30- 18:15Vocal classbeginners/intermediate 7 - 17 jaarShirley Spoor

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